Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Cookies

The kids had fun decorating over 100 gingerbread and sugar cookies. We delivered them to some of our friends, wishing them a Merry Christmas. I was taking frosting and decorations off my feet all day.

Just Because

These are "just because" pictures.

This was after Isaac's party with cheetos and cupcake on his face. He was being silly for the camera.

Isaac was getting a lesson in snow blowing.


November is a busy month with William's birthday, Isaac's birthday and Jim's birthday. William celebrated his birthday at home with his Grandpa, Jim, and his siblings since Vanessa was in Disneyland. They watched a movie and ate popcorn- William's favorite snack. He was able to blow out some candles at Isaac birthday party.
For Isaac's birthday, we had 10 rambunctious boys in our home. I decided that I can't do boys; they're crazy! There was way too much energy in our home so even though it was in the 20's, I sent them outside to play and they ended up playing football. They had fun making their own pizzas, building lego towers and eating cupcakes. Isaac had a great time playing with all of his school friends.

For Jim's birthday, we went to the University of Wisconsin to watch them play BYU in football. It was cold, and BYU lost, but we all had a great time time.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Shenanigans

Every year I am really good about setting up the Halloween decorations on October 1 when the kids are at school because I love to see their surprised faces when they come home. Well this year, it didn't happen. I just didn't feel like doing it and it just didn't seem important. In fact, we didn't even carve pumpkins. *gasp* I know. I dropped the ball, but you know what? I don't even think the kids cared because we did other fun things.

Our friends has a Trunk or Treat party at their home during the week so we decided to go to that since the weather wasn't too cold. They had yummy goodies for the kids along with hot chocolate and cider, a fire pit going and a about 20 cars that had their trunks decorated for the kids to get candy from. Isaac had to leave before the trunk or treating began because of wrestling and he wasn't too thrilled about it.

The Friday of that week, the kids didn't have school and Jim's work was having trick or treating there so I took the kids. They had fun going all around the office getting candy and seeing adults dressed up and their decorated desks. They also enjoyed the cookies for a treat. The kids came home with a major haul of the good candy; you know, the chocolate kind. No junkie dum dums or twizzlers there.

On Halloween, I made a huge pot of my chili and took it to our friends, The Songster's, home for a Halloween dinner party. There were a few families invited and the kids had fun being in their costumes together. We only went trick or treating to a couple houses as a whole group before we took the kids to an assisted living retirement community. I don't think the kids were too thrilled to see a bunch of old people, but the old folks sure loved seeing them. From there we packed up the kids and took them back to Cross Plains to trick or treat at the Walker's home and the Clark's home before we went to the Halloween House. This house is decked out with decorations and it is a huge hit with the whole village. The kids had fun walking around seeing all the scary stuff. Lastly we took the kids to Culver's haunted basement before receiving a free scoop of custard for every kid dressed up. Elizabeth was freaked out and shaking and William didn't like the masked figures. But they walked through it and I think enjoyed their frozen custard that much more. They each ended up with a gallon zip lock bag full to the brim with candy and Jim and I had fun "examining" all the candy after the kids went to bed.


The past couple of months have been filled with sporting events. We enjoyed going to the Middleton High School home football games to root on our friend, and Elizabeth's boyfriend, Logan during his senior year of football. The kids especially enjoyed homecoming with the fireworks.

This is how I found Ezra in his crib. Apparently his siblings got to him first.

William enjoys going to the Lil Bitty Gymies class at the gym every Friday. They have balls, bowling, trampolines, bubbles, slides, parachutes and a bunch of other things to have the kids be active for a half an hour.

Ezra is always along for the ride.

Elizabeth had a rough go with soccer. She was super excited to play and with every game, she was excited to put on her uniform. However, once the game started, she didn't want anything to do with it. Jim and I bribed her with EVERYTHING and she still didn't want to play. So after numerous games of her sitting on the sidelines with me chasing William and dealing with Ezra, I finally found the bribe that worked: a plush hello kitty blanket at Costco. Once she got on the field, she had a blast and play the last couple of games of the season. She is fun to watch because she has no real interest in the game. All she does is just run around the field with the rest of the kids. She will even get the ball and start dribbling it down the field and then just stop, as if she had enough.

Isaac has improved greatly since last season although the videos don't show it. He has a passion for soccer and really enjoyed playing 2 days a week this year. Isaac also has been involved in wrestling one day a week. Jim enjoys helping coach that. It will be interesting to see what sports Isaac will end up playing. He also was interested in trying football and hockey but I thought 2 sports 3 days a week was enough for him and for me.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Am I Crazy?

Looking back at my life, there are many things that I have done that have been fantastic and also times when I wonder if I made the right choice. I don't really have any regrets because to have a regret means that you have never grown from a choice/situation to make yourself better. However, with that said, I do have one choice that I made when I was pregnant with Isaac that has haunted me these last 7 years and I guess if I had to label it, it would be my one regret and that is quitting college my senior year. 

School has always been important to me and I have always envisioned myself with a masters degree but motherhood was also important. After experiencing fertility problems then conceiving Isaac, I felt strongly that I should quit school and focus on being a mother. After all, I can always get my degree at any stage of life but being a mother was limited. Jim pursued his undergraduate studies and then received his masters while I continued to have more children relishing the blessing of motherhood. I was, however, secretly jealous of his accomplishments and desperately wished that it was me walking across that stage to receive my diploma and not him during his graduations. 

I told myself that there is a time and a season for everything and it isn't my time or season to pursue school. During these 9 1/2 years of marriage I have become embarrassed when talking to people about not finishing school and have somewhat associated my self worth with obtaining a degree. I feel less of a person than graduates and even though I still feel that I made the right decision to stay home and be a mom, it doesn't make it any easier for me to view myself as just a housewife and not an educated person choosing to put their career on hold to raise a family.

With some much that has happened to my family and me this year, I have learned that I can do anything if I am in the right frame of mind and if I have support from my family and friends. The time has come to chuck my self pity at the door because I applied to BYU-Idaho for their online degree program and guess what? I got in. That's right. Starting January 6, 2014 I will be a student again and I just might be crazy to do this. I know that I will have to skype with my professors, I will have reading and assignments due and I also know that I will have 4 kids who will want my love and attention along with working 2 jobs and an array of extra-curricular activities. Luckily, Jim has been the driving force to help me recognize that this is now my time and he is here to support me 100%. I know that life will be a bit more crazy but I hope that down the line this will show my kids the importance of education and that no matter how crazy your life can be, if you want something bad enough, you can find a way to achieve it. 

I look forward to walking across that BYU-Idaho stage, with Jim and all 4 kids watching me, as I finally extend my hand and receive my diploma. It will be one of the sweetest accomplishments that I will achieve thus far in my life.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to Reality

Phew! After what seemed like a crazy summer, I was ready to get back to reality and have some routines and order re-established in our home. Isaac and Elizabeth started back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day and they were both excited. Isaac started first grade and Elizabeth started 4k which meant that she gets to take the bus to and from school like Isaac. I was a bit nervous to see if Elizabeth would go on the bus by herself but once the bus arrived, she gave me a big hug and kiss, said her goodbyes and walked up on the bus so proud. Both kids are doing great in school and thriving. Isaac could care less about his reading and math homework every night along with studying for his weekly spelling tests and Elizabeth loves to work on her letters and numbers. 

With both of them in school, I feel like a free mama with only 2 kids to attend to. Errands are much more manageable, I can get things done around the house on half the time and I can go to the gym and only cart 2 kids to the kids club, not all 4. I am loving a consistent bedtime routine and morning routine. We are thriving in the Wuehler home.

Isaac's bus stop crew

With school starting, Vanessa went back to work and soccer started too for Elizabeth and Isaac. Elizabeth was so excited to start playing but that excitement quickly turned to worry as she realized she would be on the field with out Jim and Vanessa. Isaac on the other hand was quick to jump back in the swing of soccer practice and his games. He LOVES it! 3 days of soccer a week proves to be an exciting experience for our family since one kid is playing, one is at the park playing, William is running around and the Ezra is in the arms of the parent chasing after William. No rest for the weary in this home.

One Saturday after Isaac's soccer game, we went to the Middleton Safety fair. The kids had a good time going inside the fire trucks and ambulances along with getting a ton of free treats and goodies and playing games. We are all for free, educational fun!